Alongside our IPP development activities, our team of experts provides distinctive advisory and consulting services including technical and commercial feasibility studies, PV plant engineering consulting, PV plant development services, and other PV and PV/ diesel hybrid power plant related advisory services.

An example is our public sector project with the Botswanan Government. Botswana’s Department of Energy, under the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources, mandated Nexentury, still operating under CRONIMET Mining Power Solutions at that time, to execute a Rural Electrification Study. The objective was to evaluate the technical and commercial feasibility of generating utility scale renewable energy, largely PV and PV/ diesel Hybrid, for Botswana Power Corporation’s underserved rural communities and clients.

The KfW/ DEG grant enables us to provide advisory services to African governments ensuring a detailed technical and commercial feasibility study is delivered for sound policy and decision making. The grant also makes it possible for Nexentury to empower local governmental, educational and private sector stakeholders with knowledge during the advisory execution. Through capacity building programs and workshops, Nexentury teaches its clients how to build their own analytical capacity and ultimately to become self-sufficient when determining when, where and at what scale renewables can or cannot provide a power generation solution.

In the private sector, we are constantly advising potential IPP clients on whether the buy (capex) vs. lease (opex) model is appropriate for their captive and dedicated power needs.