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IPP Development

Whether your organization is a public utility, a private company, a local development group, or an infrastructure investment firm, Nexentury contributes its resources and expertise as a strategic IPP developer and investor to co-fund and realize your individual power solutions.

An Independent Power Producer (IPP), is a special, or single purpose vehicle solely developed to generate and sell electricity to an off-taker through terms and conditions of a power purchase agreement (PPA) contract.

Nexentury is one of a only few established vertically integrated IPP development companies in Sub-Saharan Africa that has specialized in developing, engineering, financing, constructing and operating captive PV Hybrid power plants.

In 2012, Nexentury developed, engineered, financed and constructed the world’s first utility scale captive PV/ Diesel power plant for a private South African mining company. As the technical O&M service provider to the mine’s entire PV hybrid power system, Nexentury has gained years of on-site operating experience allowing it to continuously improve the delivery of its IPP development process to public and private sector heavy energy users.